The Centre for Research (CERI), established upon Decree of the Rector n. 00353 on 31 July 2003 (decision of the Academic Senate on 24 April 2003 and of the Board of the Governors on 22 July 2003) shall promote, co-ordinate and implement research on Geological Risks (landslides, floods, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions) and rehabilitation of polluted sites and shall also develop and test innovative methodologies (ex art. 1, para. 2 of the By Laws).

To achieve its mission the Centre shall carry out the following activities:

• experimental (lab and field) research and theoretical research for analysing landslide hazards and risks;
• experimental (lab and field) research and theoretical research for analysing flood hazards and risks;
• experimental (lab and field) research and theoretical research for analysing pollution hazards and risks including rehabilitation of polluted sites and of large aquifers for drinking uses which may have become polluted owing to various causes including flood events;
• experimental (lab and field) research and theoretical research for analysing seismic hazards and risks;
• experimental and theoretical research for analysing with a view to developing systems for monitoring natural events associated with hydrogeological and seismic risks and related early warning/alarm systems for civil defence;
• issuing of guidelines and operational standards based on research results and also having innovative purposes within the national regulatory framework;
• development of national and international higher education programs also through the creation of Ph.D. courses and post-doc scholarships, financed by independent sources;
• dissemination of scientific data through publications, meetings, national and international conferences;
• development of information technology methodologies for building thematic maps;
• consulting services through contracts/agreements in accordance with the University Rules, as well as provision of technical-scientific support in the area of geological risks to general government bodies local governments, regions, the European Union other national and international entities and organisations, other public and private institutions.
From its establishment until August 2014, The Director of the Centre was Prof. Alberto Prestininzi.
On August 8th, 2014 Prof. Francesca Bozzano has been appointed Director of the Centre CERI, for the 2014-17 three-year period with the Rector’s Decree no. 1938/2014, following the election in the Board of the Centre which took place on June 16th, 2014.
Current Administrative Secretary of the Centre is Dr. Margherita Marocchini.
The Steering Commitee of the Centre, with the Director of the Centre and the Department Directors involved in the Centre or their delegates, at present is composed of 9 members:
1. BACALONI Prof. Alessandro -Delegate of Chemistry Department
2. BOZZANO Prof. Francesca – Director of the Centre CERI
3. DI TRAGLIA Dr. Mario – Delegate of Public Health and Infectious Diseases Department
4. GIGLIOTTI Dr. Ing. Rosario – Delegate Structural and Geotechnical Engineering
5. GUERCIO Prof. Roberto -Delegate of Civil, Constructional and Environmental Engineeering Department
6. MARZANO Prof. Frank Silvio – Delegate of Electronic Engineering Department
7. PETRANGELI PAPINI Prof. Marco – Delegate of Chemistry Department
8. PRESTININZI Prof. Alberto – Delegate of Earth Science Department
9. ZIRILLI Prof. Francesco – Delegate of Chemistry Department

Currently, the Centre CERI is hosted by the Department of Earth Sciences in the Sapienza University of Rome

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