On 18 January 2017 four earthquakes up to M 5.5 occurred with epicenters located E of Montereale (L’Aquila) in Central Apennines. The eartqhuake sequence was strongly felt in the whole Central Italy and also in Rome. The maximum measured PGA (INGV) was of about 0.25g even if the ground motion was strongly attenuated within 10 km.

Despite the unfavorable weather conditions (due to the very intense snow falls of the previous days), the CERI research team completed the survey of the earthquake induced ground effects, inventorying almost ten landslides including rock falls, rock slides and debris slides. No damage due to these landslides (occurred within 15 km from the epicenters) were observed nor to buildings neither to infrastructures. The outcropping geological formations are ascribable to Meso-Cenozoic limestones and Cenozoic Flysch which are locally intensely jointed, mainly in correspondence to fault zones.

In the next days, the CEDIT catalogue will be updated with these new data that will be soon available for on-line querying.