On 26 October 2016 a new strong earthquake (M 5.9 – 42.949°N 13.074°E) felt the Central Apennines at 21.18 local time. A seismic sequence is still ongoing with tens of aftershocks. This event caused damages to Ussita, Camerino, Preci, Castelsantangelo. The CERI research team* surveyed more than 200 earthquake-induced landslides. It is possible to download .kmz and .shp files including the geolocalization of the inventoried effects as well as the severity for the infrasructures.

* Gruppo di Lavoro CERI: S. Martino, P. Caporossi, M. Della Seta, C. Esposito, A. Fantini, M. Fiorucci, R. Iannucci, G.M. Marmoni, P. Mazzanti, C. Missori, S. Moretto, S. Rivellino, R.W. Romeo, P. Sarandrea, F. Troiani, C. Varone.