On 30 October 2016 a new strong earthquake (M 6.5 – 42.84°N 13.11°E) felt the Central Apennines at 07.40 local time. A new seismic sequence is still ongoing with tens of aftershocks. This event caused already documented damages to Norcia, Ussita, Castelsantangelo but it also increased the severity of the damage in the areas already felt by the 26 October and 24 August eartquakes. The CERI research group* is already in field for inventorying earthquake-induced ground effects. Updated informations will be posted here in the following days.

* Gruppo di Lavoro CERI: S. Martino, P. Caporossi, D. D’Angiò, M. Della Seta, C. Esposito, A. Fantini, M. Fiorucci, R. Iannucci, G.M. Marmoni, P. Mazzanti, C. Missori, S. Moretto, F. Pallone, S. Rivellino, R.W. Romeo, P. Sarandrea, F. Troiani, C. Varone.